Peter Pierce, Charlestonly Ambassador

Congratulations to Peter Pierce, Business Development Manager of Slightly North of Broad  who was named as a Charlestonly Ambassador today by the Charleston Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. The CVB is saluting the city’s untold heroes working in the hospitality community. That’s why they have begun saluting Charlestonly Ambassadors, frontline folks, like Peter, who take pride in providing a customer service experience that is second to none.

Peter was nominated based on his natural ability to be gracious and provide genuine hospitality.  Here are two good examples:

1. Some regular customers of Slightly North of Broad were finding it harder to get around and come into the restaurant at this stage in life mostly because of the difficulty in parking downtown.  They wanted to come in for dinner and have Chef Lee’s special flounder dish, but they couldn’t drive on their own one day.  Peter went to their home and brought them to the restaurant and then back home after dinner.

2. Peter noticed that a woman who often dined by herself at lunch hadn’t been in for a while.  He called only to find out that she was in the hospital.  Peter brought her favorite meal and flowers to her that day.



  • Sally Boisvine

    So Very proud of my brother Peter!! It runs in the family.. We were brought up to respect and appreciate everything we have, as little as it might have been, but we made the best of it, and to help others as best as we could. Way to go Peter!! Love you, Sally

  • Louise Orr


    May not remember me, but I will always remember your warm hospitality and gracious personality! Congratulations on the recognition given to you for your work and kind heart…..From the lady who sold all that De Loach wine to MSK, now living in Panama…Louise Orr

  • tom sheehan

    Well deserved Peter! You and your team always provide the very best in hospitality. Congratulations!

  • Miss Lee Haskell

    Congratulations Pete! I can’t think of anyone in Charleston who deserves this award more. He really is the most genuine, warm, and friendly host I’ve ever met. I usually lunch at SNOBs alone and no matter how busy it is during the lunch rush, Peter always stops by with a warm greeting that always leaves me feeling very welcome. There is no better example of a perfect Southern gentleman host than Mr Pierce.

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